Free Resources to Help New Moms

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The information age is a wild time to be alive. We have unprecedented volumes of information at our fingertips. At no other time in history, have we been able to seek and discover credible information that we can apply to our lives. On the contrary, we also have the ability to find questionable information that is full of bias and/or littered with inaccuracies. Being a new parent is HARD, especially new moms – and google seems like it’s your best friend when you’re up at 3 am with your newborn. Let’s stay away from Dr. Google – and check out the following links. These are some of my favorite websites that I refer my clients to. They are evidenced-based, trustworthy and best of all…they’re FREE!!

General Information 


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These two websites are run by the pediatric societies in each region. They are a wealth of information that is in plain language. The topics range from how much sleep does my newborn need to oral health to specific health conditions. They are both a great resource to browse and plan or to search specific inquiries. However, as amazing as this tool is – it is never a substitute for personalized medical advice that you receive from your family doctor, pediatrician or nurse practitioner.


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I discovered this website during some of my lactation training and I was blown away by how thorough and extensive it was. You can search what milestones your baby should be reaching by age or type of skill (motor or communication etc.). They also provide tools that can help you plan activities with your baby that can help build their developmental skills. There is a common theme among many parents, that they don’t know what activities will help their baby along. This gives you some great ideas!

Car Seat Safety

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This website was developed by my local public health unit, but it is free for all to access. It is an amazing tool that covers so much information about car seats and best practices for transportation of your little one. This online, on-demand course is based on the Transport Canada guidelines for safety. This course should never replace any in-person advice you can get from a certified car seat technician. If you are looking to find a car seat technician in your area you can find them here:


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Breastfeeding Videos

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Who has ever felt the societal pressure regarding breastfeeding being natural and therefore easy? WRONG. Breastfeeding is hard, and to top it all off – you and your baby are usually performing this very complex skill for the first time. It is hard to know if you’re doing something correctly when you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. This website is packed with illustrative videos that show many of the skills breastfeeding successfully requires. It also has a link to a website by Dr. Jane Morton, a pediatrician in the USA who is a breastfeeding expert and provides free resources to families on her website. 

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